About Me

My name is Amanda. The basic facts on me, I suppose, would be: Nashville resident, oldest child, recently married, middle school teacher, cheap wine connoisseur, extrovert, meme enthusiast. I honestly don’t know how important any of that is. The reason I write a blog isn’t really to make myself seem interesting. I’d take up unicycling if that were the goal.

The reason I write is because God loves me, and he loves you too. You might even love him back. I hope so. It’s just that accepting his unconditional love, really letting it sink deep to change your identity and thoughts and relationships, is so much harder than it seems. I believe that God is absolutely for us, that He has been trying to convince us of that forever, and that He wants followers that are real, free, and whole. I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent more of my life caught up in shame and ideas of an angry God than I have really getting to know Him. I know that I want to share the beauty and kindness I’ve seen in Him since I’ve begun to take Him at His word. I want to be honest about how wrong I get it sometimes. I want to be a voice reminding you that there’s hope on the other side of fear. That the truth really does set us free and bring us to life. That God wants to love us in a way that breaks into the places we think are unlovable and carries us into healing. I write because we’re all on that journey, and I want to walk with you.