Esther: Choose Your Jewels

Welcome to Part 2 (here’s Part 1) of what I’ve been learning about from the life of Esther! I have to admit, I’m not one of those girls who naturally connects with her story. I have always seen her as some perfect, demure woman who eats kale and wins pageants. The more I delve into this book of the Bible, though, the more I see to admire in Esther. As I said last week, her ability to be still and receive was its own kind of strength, and one that I think we struggle to find today in a busy world. Several times over the last few days, I have just taken 5 minutes to stop and receive from God when I felt “too busy.” It’s brought so much clarity to some sticky situations. He has all the peace, strength, and answers, if only we’ll be still!

Earlier today, I was concerned about overstepping my bounds in a situation. I was caught in my head, worried about how to be confident and passionate, yet teachable and humble. I began to pray about how to communicate my vision without seeming arrogant. After a few sentences, I remembered Esther. I stopped in my tracks and waited to receive. After a bit of waiting, I heard Him say, “Carry yourself like you were made to be a blessing.” I was dumbfounded. What an incredible perspective. We can walk confident in our worth and value, knowing that we carry it to pour into others and to bless the heart of God. When we see ourselves as a blessing, every room that we walk into has potential beyond us. Every situation has both something to offer us and something we can give. Every interaction has hope and power mixed with humility.

And that brings me back to Esther.

“Before each young woman was taken to the king’s bed, she was given the prescribed twelve months of beauty treatments… When it was time for her to go to the king’s palace, she was given her choice of whatever clothing or jewelry she wanted to take from the harem. When it was Esther’s turn to go to the king, she accepted the advice of Hegai, the eunuch in charge of the harem. She asked for nothing except what he suggested, and she was admired by everyone who saw her.” Esther 2:12-13, 15

After the year of receiving that Esther went through, there was one more step before she moved into her destiny. She had to choose how she presented herself. I think so many of us miss this step of our walk towards who God calls us to be. We have an idea of humility that says we should never make a fuss; never call attention to ourselves. There are aspects of this that are true. I have to remind myself often that I am here to serve and not to be served, just like Jesus. However, too much of this mindset says that we should take the smallest jewels; it whispers that we shouldn’t stand out from the crowd. I cannot imagine Esther, after an entire year of receiving and preparing, walking into the harem’s closet and adorning herself like a servant girl. Actually, she took everything that the head of the harem told her to. Nothing more, nothing less.  She only wanted the best, and she didn’t shy away from God’s favor.

Because Esther carried herself like she was made to be a blessing, even to a king. Esther knew that her life was about something bigger than her, and she didn’t feel shame or put limits on how God could use her. Quieting what we have to offer is false humility at best, and selfishness at worst. She knew that it didn’t bring God glory to be smaller than His purpose. She knew that her beauty was a reflection of God’s, and that she turned heads because He was with her. It does our King no credit to dim how bright His light shines in us. She dressed and carried herself in a way that made her an obvious choice for queen, simply by knowing how to reveal what she’d received. She carried herself like she was made to be a blessing, and she chose the jewels that fit her role. So today, daughter of the King, I ask you this: who are you when you dare to believe you are a blessing? You are made for such a time as this.



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  1. This is so powerful! I have always made it my goal to be a blessing to others, but I honestly have never thought about it from this perspective. What a great take on Esther’s story. I love it!

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