On Hope and Clouds

Something about the misty stillness of an overcast day catches my attention. We seem to always about the bright, warm days, or romanticize the rain. It takes a closer gaze to find perfection in the cloudy day, in the halfway in-between. But isn’t that a triumph when we do? The best of us are able to see beauty where it isn’t, not quite yet. I think that’s what hope is.

Hope says, “wait just a moment.” When it doesn’t understand, it pauses to look closer. Hope is not fearful, hurrying by pain or burying it in a graveyard full of broken dreams. Hope expects unlikely things to become beautiful. It expects the uninteresting, the broken moments to grow into something dazzlingly good. It’s brave and foolish in its wisdom. It doesn’t pass by suffering in fear; no, it bends down and binds wounds and wipes tears. It looks darkness in the face and says the future is radiant, because it knows what most of us are too scared to really believe: that it will always, always get better.

Hope is in the very nature of God. It overflows from who He is. Nothing can be redeemed, restored, repaired, or renewed without hope, and redemption is God’s business. Hope looks to the present and declares that there is more to come, and that it is good. Hope means that I trust how good God is and how He loves this world, even me.

In this world of apocalyptic predictions and dire outcomes, I wonder what my God of hope is thinking. I wonder if He wants to speak the beauty of a cloudy day, the rest within uncertainty. I think He has something good to say, even here, even now. It’s a divided world, but I choose to join Him in hope.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” Romans 15:13


  1. What areas of your heart do you need to be filled with joy and peace again? Are you willing to ask the Lord to refresh them again?
  2. Regarding the verse: what areas of your world can you speak new life into? What people around you need to see the power of the Holy Spirit through your abounding hope?

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