Weekly Encouragement: Risk

Every one of us has something still buried in our heart. We each have that one dream that seems too big, that hope we stopped believing in years ago, that honest conversation that seems too painful to try. Over the course of growing up, we lose that childlike spirit that would jump off of the swing because we just had to know what would happen. When we are young, we have the mindset that it’s more painful not to try than it is to fail. Somewhere along the way as we grow up, we start to retreat. By now, most of us have a piece of us we keep unseen, and even worse, we often justify this in the name of “wisdom.” We start justifying our unwillingness to risk.

There are grains of truth in this. We shouldn’t share everything with everyone, and timing is important, but sometimes we tell ourselves that until we forget we had something to share at all. Today, I want to remind you that you still have that something to share. There is a unique aspect of who God is that you were designed to reflect. Nobody else. And when you withhold the best parts of yourself due to fear, you are actually taking a greater risk than you realize. You’re saying that safety is more important that the message you were created to share. I promise you, it isn’t. I promise you, there is someone you talk to every day who needs what you have. Who you are is a gift from God to the world. Are you perfect? No. But I’ll tell you a secret: your imperfection is part of what makes you a great leader. Watching you walk and learn and grow will inspire people, and they’ll see God in your journey. As you walk with Him, they’ll see you shine brighter and brighter. Don’t wait to be perfect before you step out. The world can’t wait forever for that. Dare to be seen, heard, and loved right now. Heaven is watching and waiting for you to risk. What will they see next?



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