Why Write?

Why write? I ask myself what I’m doing fairly often. It sometimes seems like overkill to promote your thoughts in a world where everyone has a platform. There is a lot of wisdom in this world, and I’m no veteran of the faith. All I really have to share is my own story, and it isn’t always dazzling on paper. Do I have a right to be heard? We’ve all wondered it; questioned our credentials to speak out.

What we do or don’t share defines us on some level, and it tends to only be the most pivotal moments of our lives. We’ve read the stories, heard the victories, we have felt the defeats. God knows we probably have enough blogs, enough internet wisdom, enough things to compare ourselves to in this world. Are we allowed our everyday thoughts in the storm of inspirational stories? Should we really share our hearts before we have reached our goals? The ear of the world seems to be only for heartbreaks and victories, not the average moments. As a culture, we live for dramatic endings.

But my question is: what about the middle? What about the story still in progress? The walk through the mundane moments, and the keeping of the faith? Yes, the successes can motivate us and the low points can cultivate compassion, but they are missing the beauty of the middle itself.

The everyday of your story matters.

When we minimize what we share, when we don’t give importance to the everyday aspects of the story, we are missing much of the testimony. We have to share the struggle, the moments we almost stopped believing, the nights of boredom, the times we fell asleep in the middle of our prayers. In those moments, there is a deep power. God doesn’t just meet us in the mountaintop or the valley. He is with us all along. And when we acknowledge the moments of nearness in the everyday, it reminds others that he is Emmanuel, God who is with us.

It is important to speak our testimonies into the people God has given us to live alongside. It is important to hear their still-happening story. It is crucial not to imagine that God is only in the “important things,” the endings. The story of your life is what God wants. The way you treat people in your coffee line is a pivotal plot moment to Him. So we write and think and talk and listen because the small stories are greatness in the making. The times we fail, the moments we barely crawl across the finish line, the points when we surprise ourselves with our boldness, the instant when we notice what God has already been doing, those are the moments worth consecrating. They are worth meditation and celebration… because He was there. The King was in your coffee line.

They are worth notice because He is in every detail, and He never sleeps. God is with us. We must choose to make room in the everyday for His appearing. We must make room in our hearts to notice it. This is why I write. To remind myself that I encounter the Light of lights in my daily life. To remember where I was dark, but then he burst in and flooded the room. To build altars to my moments with him, even when they don’t look like anything special. I will make much of Him, and I cannot afford to wait until I have “earned” a voice to do it. Does my praise mean less to Him because I have no stage? My testimony is built upon each day that I seek Him. I write to remember that I always find Him.


Do you encounter God in your coffee lines? Could you?

Maybe you don’t write, but you have a voice regardless. Where do you feel called to share your story, and what is the way you feel called to share it?




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